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Transportation and Reliability

Whatever your product, we are ready to help, with the experience and equipment necessary to determine the optimal packaging solution. Let Global Testing Labs ensure that your product is received in the same condition as it is shipped.

Why Transportation Testing?

Packaging is much more than simply putting products in boxes and shipping them. When your product is shipped, you should be confident that it is protected against the wears and tears of travel, even when the journey isn’t as smooth as it should be. Unexpected difficulties during shipping may be beyond your control, but how well your product is prepared for the trip will reflect on your business. Make sure the impression given is one of preparation and attention to detail!

Transportation and Packaging is an industry in which scientific and engineering principles are applied to develop and produce packages that not only protect products, but sell them as well. A thorough understanding of the product and the materials used is necessary in order to evaluate the safest, most effective method of packaging.

Reliability Testing Ensures Dependable Products

In order to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations, your product will need to be durable, able to stand the test of time. If an unforeseen weakness may cause it to fail prematurely, Global Testing Labs can make sure you find out about it while the product is still in production, giving you the chance to resolve the issue well before the product hits the market.

Durable products result in satisfied customers and fewer warranty claims. Let GTL help you produce a product that you will be proud to offer, and that your customers will be proud to recommend.

Our Capabilities:

GTL is an ISTA Accredited Laboratory with Commercial classification. We are committed to providing the highest levels of excellence and integrity in our transportation testing services. GTL meets ISTA protocols 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 1G, 1H, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 7B. We can also provide additional services NMFTA (Item 180), and other Reliability Testing. GTL is also equipped to perform salt fog testing for the automotive industry. Read more about our Environmental Testing services for further details.

Our equipment is second to none, providing extensive testing capabilities including sine, random, transit shock vibration up to 50g acceleration, and horizontal slip table systems to ensure your products meet the standards for:

  • Mil-Std testing
  • Environmental Stress Screening
  • SAE Standards
  • Fatigue and Fragility Testing
  • Transportation Testing
  • Accelerated Stress Screening
  • Product Development and Qualification
  • Package Testing
  • Accelerated Life Testing

Two environmental chambers with temperature and humidity rages of:

  • Temperature: -73.3°C to +177°C
  • Humidity: 20% to 95%
  • Altitude Chamber with range of 50,000ft
  • Vibration table producing Sine, Random, and Transit shocks

Transportation Testing - Shock and Vibration - Electrodynamic Shaker System

Unholtz-Dickie Electrodynamic Shaker System, Dytran Voltage Mode Accelerometer – Shock and Vibration

Transportation Testing – Mechanical Technology Shock and Vibration Testing (Drop)

Mechanical Technology Shock and Vibration Testing (Drop)

Transportation Testing - Mechanical Technology Shock and Vibration Testing Impact Table (Ramp)

Mechanical Technology Shock and Vibration Testing Impact Table (Ramp)

Transportation Testing - Mechanical Technology, Inc. Shock and Vibration Testing Machine (Truck Bed)

Mechanical Technology Shock and Vibration Testing Machine (Truck Bed)

















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