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EMC Testing

United States

NVLAP: Laboratory is accredited by NVLAP Lab Code 200409-0 to ISO/IEC 17025. The scope includes Electromagnetic Compatibility and Telecommunications EN, ISO, IEC, CISPR, AS/NZS, CNS, FCC, ANSI, and KN test methods globally, as well as Product Safety testing for Medical electrical equipment. Most recently GTL acquired NVLAP accreditation for Fasteners and Metals.

For a complete overview of GTL’s current NVLAP Accreditations and Scopes thereof, please visit the NVLAP Directory and search for “Global Testing” in the Laboratory Name/Code field.

NVLAP Testing NVLAP Lab Code 200409-0

Australia / New Zealand

ACMA: Recognized by ACMA as a CAB for the acceptance of test data.

Lab Code: US0167

China / Taipei

BSMI: Recognized by BSMI as a CAB for the acceptance of test data.

Lab Code: US0167


VCCI: Support Member of the VCCI. Conducted and radiated measurement facilities.

Lab Number: 2752


RRA: Recognized by RRA as a CAB for the acceptance of test data.

Lab Code: US0167

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Safety Testing

CARAT: Recognized by TUV SUD Product Service Division (TPS) as a qualified testing laboratory for the acceptance of test data.

Cert Number: CARAT 084408 0007 Rev. 00

ISTA Certification

TRANSPORTATION TESTING: Recognized by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) as a qualified testing laboratory.

Member ID: ST-2119

Environmental Testing

RTCA: Compliant testing to DO-160G –Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Electronic/Electrical Equipment and Instruments.

ASTM: Compliant Salt Fog and Corrosion testing to ASTM B117 Standard.